MBBS Admission Open for September 2019

Welcome to The Binzhou University in Beautiful Sea Side City Yantai and Moderate Province Shandong

Binzhou Medical University (BMU), a province-run institution, is one of the key medical universities in Shandong Province China not very far from the Capital Beijing. BMU has two campuses, and they are in Binzhou and beautiful seaside city of Yantai respectively. The international students program is held on Yantai campus. BMU now has ten schools which are, Basic Medicine School,Clinical Medicine School, School of Clinical Medicine for the Handicapped, School of Stomatology, School of Nursing, School of Medical Humanities, School of Adult Education and others, and thirteen bachelor’s degree specialties including clinical medicine, stomatology, nursing, biotechnology, traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, information management and information systems, anesthesiology, forensic medicine for legal case and so on. BMU also offers twelve master degree programs: Anatomy, Histology-Embryology; Immunology; Stomatology; Pathology & Pathophysiology and so on. BMU has five provincial key subjects, which are medical immunology, stomatology, clinical nutrition supporting center (Hepatobiliary Surgery), Internal Medicine and Anthropotomy –Histology – Embryology. BMU has nine affiliated hospitals. BMU issues two journals Chinese Hospital Statistics and Binzhou Medical University Transactions, which are published in China and abroad. BMU stresses international exchange and cooperation and has established friendly relationships with the School ofMedicine, UCSD, Florida Gulf Coast University in US; Yonsei University, the Catholic University of Korea; and Ottago University in New Zealand. BMU has also set up academic exchange programs with Duke University, Tuffs University in US, New Castle University in Australia, Waseda Universityin Japan and Royal College of Nursing in Great Britain. Operation Rainbow established Academic Exchange Centre in China. A great number of faculty have been dispatched abroad for vocational studies or on a basis of scientific cooperation.