Fee Structure MBBS

All fee must be paid in Chinese Yuan RMB in the University, except the Management Charges, which can be paid in admission office to respective consultant. Management fee is the administrative and management charges of the Consultant for the case presentation and are legal charges for managing the case to Binzhou Medical University.


1st year

2nd year to Onwards Per Year

Tuition Fee

18000 RMB

18000 RMB

Hostel Fee ( 2 sharing room )

5000 RMB

5000 RMB

Admission & Management Charges

9000 RMB


Registration , Residence Permit , Medical check , Insurance , Hostel security 500 ¥ , bedding charges etc.

3000 RMB

1500 RMB

Total in RMB

35,000 RMB

24,500 RMB

Total in U$D (approx)

5500 U$D

3800 U$D

Students also have to pay for the following
1) One way air ticket to Yantai from home land.
2) Foods Approx 700 RMB to 1000 RMB/month
3) Books & Stationery

Intern-ship Year Policy of Binzhou Medical College

1) 6th Year is of Intern-ship after 5 years of Clinical Study. Student can do intern-ship in our Affiliated hospitals also students can do in their home country.