What to expect after admission?

When you have applied to the official representative of the university, by downloading and filling the appropriate form along with the required documents, you have to wait till the consultant confirms your admission with the university. This may take 5-10 days. Please check with the consultant about the documents you need to prepare for the visa. When admission is granted by the university, you will have to prepare the documents for the visa plus the documents sent to you by the university. For the documents by the university, one has to wait till the last date of application. After the last date, whole list will be sent to the university for further processing. It may take 30-40 working days, before the whole process will finish and visas are sent. University will send the following documents to the applicant:

JW-202 Visa application form
Admission letter

When the visa is issued, you are ready to go. Before your passport is being collected from the embassy, it is a must to buy a one way ticket to the destination beforehand. The official consultant can help you a great deal. Because buying tickets in group are really cheap. He can ask other students to deposit the money with him for the tickets. He will then contact the agents and buy the tickets for all of the students at a price much cheaper than actual and a confirmation can be asked from him
Documents Required for Visa X
1. Original Matric DMC ( attested by IBCC and Foreign affairs )
2. Original Fsc DMC ( attested by IBCC & Foreign affairs )
3. Valid Passport
4. Original jw202
5. Original Admission Letter
6. Original Medical Fitness Certificate by Chinese Clinical Lab
7. Original Police Certificate attested by Foreign affairs
8. 4 photos (33mm Width & 48mm Length with white background)
9. Filled Application form of Chinese Embassy

and Photo copies of all these documents.